DESIGNEERS is a graphic and web design agency specializing in the luxury, fashion and lifestyle sectors.  The name combines the words “designers” and “engineers” to communicate the importance of interlocking good design with immaculate execution.
The aim of the new corporate identity was uniting the highly modern and digitalized world of the graphic and web designer with the need of the luxury and fashion sectors to see and feel the texture of high quality materials.
The logo discreetly forms a pencil – the ultimate design tool used in all design disciplines, be it graphic design, product design or fashion. The small black arrow also communicates “playing” and “progressing” representing the dynamics of the agency.
The stationery's simple and clear layouts combined with captivating paper surface and metallic colours implies sophistication and luxury. Letterpress and gilded edge represent traditional craftsmanship that is so important to luxury and fashion sectors.
Finally, DESIGNEERS website that uses the latest technologies is designed in flat, simple style communicating an ambitious, state-of-the-art approach to design.
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